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Most stories sound like this: “It all started when I was 10 or 15 years old….” I wish I could have said the same, but I would be lying! It all started the moment I was born.
No, I didn’t grabbed the camera from a baby, if that’s what you think. But if you are curious, you may want to continue reading.
All my life I have been listening to people say – “We are all different people and everyone is unique in their own way!” And then lifelong, they try to shape you as vision, manners and behavior, character, so you can fit into society and know your place! And here we end with being unique!

Nowadays, being a woman is far easier than it ever was (aside from some countries where nothing has changed until today). Many women would argue – “Do you know how hard it is to be a woman today and go to work, raise children, to take care of the house, etc.?“ I would say that this is a matter of personal choice – namely, in the very fact that we have the right to choose, lies the difference. Choosing a profession, lifestyle, voice in society – these were the privileges of single women left in history and only they knew what had cost them. Not to mention a single woman to travel the world! During the time I was growing up “the woman place is in the kitchen” and the like, were not unusual. Not that there were fewer working women, but the woman had a particular place in society. Working or not, a woman is not a man!

To this day there are families living with the same beliefs and canons and you can feel the frustration in their eyes when they see something different from the conventional!

How do I know – I’m the girl who tore her ribbons (which my mother so diligently sewed each day) leaving  home on the way for school. Sometimes I tied them at the end of a stick and with the rest of the girls we pretended to be gymnasts – one with a hoop, one with more ribbons … Thinking about it, ballet and ballroom dancing are the only girls’ things I wanted! I didn’t go to ballet and gymnastics because I was … how can I put it – my figure didn’t allow me, and we didn’t have money for dancing! We all know that dancers and musicians do not feed the house! Times and understandings were like that, or at least my father’s, who was taking the decisions as head of the family! Let’s get back to the topic of how I got to this point! In kindergarten I was a pain in the ** s of most educators. All day long I’ve been upside down or as high as possible at the play ground.

I also had a partner in crime – he was Batman and I was the Cat Woman, they told me I couldn’t be Batman 2 because he was a man. So, Batman and I were climbing peaks and fighting crime. At home, I pretended to be an FBI agent or police officer who solved criminal matters. I even had a computer made of video cassette boxes and a box of chocolates. While the other girls were having tea parties, playing Barbie, doing their hair … It’s not like I wasn’t part of it at all – I had my moments experienced by  the most of my mother’s makeup and then my stomach. Often it happened not to be invited to their parties because I was different – whatever it may mean for a child.

I was…just me!

I loved cowboys and indians, policemen, shooting with pistols made of wooden twigs, laying in bushes, hiding behind cars, rolling on the ground (or at least I did).

I always came home dirty, muddy, scraped and with some torn clothes where from playing, where from the skateboard. I am proud of my mother, what patience she had!

Then my desire went from being a cop to being a lawyer. The main task was still to fight evil in the name of the innocent and defenseless.

Put the bad guys behind bars. As a kid, I was really naive, maybe I still am at times. But it never cross my mind that people may have second thoughts.

Over the years, I grew up and saw that the world does not work as I had imagined.

And that not all people who pretend to be good are really like good. Most importantly, that the system doesn’t work as in the movies and the bad people don’t always go behind bars and as a lawyer you often have to defend the guilty, but as such it is your duty to protect your client in the best way possible!

Overall I am quite sociable and can easily become a part of the group, but it has always been associated with some change from my side. I tried but it doesn’t work for me. I’ve always been a bit of an outsider!

My mother went to work abroad when I was 9 so she could take care of the family. This marked the beginning of my presence at almost every possible camp or outing organized by the school.

My father was not a exampler parent, and it was easier to send me somewhere for a week rather than to take care of me. My brother was already big enough so he would send him over our grandma apartment’s. So, as I said, this was the beginning of all my travels. At 13, I left the country for the first time – traveling by plane, ferry and it was “wow”!  It was one of the best summers ever. And that was the year rock music came into my life!

Then everything changed. Okay, pretty much everything! I became even more difficult to understand and accept by the surroundings, but it showed me another world. Then I realized that you do not need everyone to like you to be yourself!

Many times I have been insulted because of my style or appearance. On the other hand, I met many valuable people and they were different in their own way! That was the moment I discovered photography (if I can call it photography), writing, and all that creative stuff that helps you express yourself.

Going to Greece every summer became а rule and the only thing I looked forward to the rest of the year. I always wanted my mom to buy me a nice camera phone so I could shoot everything wherever I went. So that is why I said I couldn’t call it photography. I loved to shoot everything I thought was worth capturing.

But I never thought of photography as a profession or something more serious. There was a time when my father was preparing me for sports school, but I wanted to follow my mother’s example and study for a pastry chef. Because it was up to my father, he decided I would become a carpenter. And so I ended up with a special high school degree in furniture manufacturing, specializing in interior design.

Then I wanted to study Engineering Design and specialize in vehicle design and production, since cars and motors have always been interesting to me, but I have failed to qualify with a few hundreds. I gave myself a short break and now I am with a bachelor degree in Journalism. Yes, how I end up from the furniture, the design, the cars, and in the end journalism – well, I love to write and talk and why not journalism? Until I saw what the reality was in the media again! All these years I have never stopped shooting. In 2014 I bought my first DSLR and sometimes still shoot with it.

For several years I worked on a ship and then a few months on land in the hospitality industry, until the summer of 2018 when I finally decided that I wanted to take a professional job in photography, travel and write about where I was and what I saw. Not to brag, but to help people with ideas and tips for their next destination, because there’s nothing worse than a failed vacation you’ve been waiting for months.

Share places and locations, even in a city where you live and have never heard of them. To inspire people to travel and pursue their dreams! While I was living in Dublin, a colleague from the hotel I was working in, came to lunch one day and showed me my published photo asking me where I was and how to get there, and it was actually just a 40-minute bus ride. He was super excited by what I told him about the place and that he must see it. The feeling was unique – to see that you really inspired someone to do something, it’s definitely worth it!

I was determined – this is what I wanted to do, I just had to figure out how! So, I bought a new equipment, went back Home and for some reason I opened a photography studio with a small advertising agency.

I strayed out of my way and lost focus, I forgot the real reason why I came back home (As I like to say: Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves again!), But now when I found myself I want to introduce you this two website. D2T Studio and D2T – Dare to try.

I hope they will be rich enough and inspiring for you and take you to at least one destination, to actually show you where you are going and what to expect. To help you choose your future projects. Because my job as a true journalist is to show you not only the beautiful but also the real side of things!

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