The Butterfly effect!


Have you heard about “The butterfly effect“? Scientists are saying this is a concept that states – “small causes can have larger effects”.

This concept was initially used in theories about weather prediction but later the term became a popular metaphor in science writing.

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect means “the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state”.

Like in life, every action cause action and from something as small as a look or a smile can have a larger effect, it can make your day or ruin your life. Everything in this life is important, every second, every breath, every move, every word coming out of your mouth. People live their life’s thinking that only the big things are relevant and everything else around is just a noise and nothing else. But everything matters whether or not they give meaning to it is there saved in their subconscious.

Every day we wake up and we make small choices to get up 5 min earlier or no, maybe 10 min later, to brush my teeth or no, drink coffee or not, smile or not all this seems so small and irrelevant but we all know that they are important. We just refuse to see the bigger picture. Nowadays most of the people are mostly concentrated on themselves, their lives and their feelings.  For some people no matter what is happening they never consider that this is a consequence of their own actions, there is always someone else who did something and because of what he did – I did this.

And they are right someone else’s action reflected on your decision and dictated your action and then your action broad to someone else action and so on and so on.

No matter if you don`t realize it or for some reason, you don’t want to admit it but all people on this planet – we are all connected and we have influence in other people lives. Like it or no, wanted or no, but every small decision what we made for ourselves reflect on other people lives and I am not talking only about the people who are around you I am talking about the people who are on the other side of the globe. Maby for some of you is hard to accept that your choice of how and where to throw my coffee cup, should I have coffee and should I smile can save someone’s life or the opposite. I know that sound ridiculous but just because something is not happing right next to you and you don’t see it doesn`t mean it is not happening. Now you are going to ask “And how my choice of having coffee at home or outside make any difference or having a coffee at all or a simple thing like my smile can change a thing” – well it can.

Today you decide to have this 5 minutes more, so you didn’t have time for your favorite coffee that you need so much in the morning, otherwise, you are not yourself. But at the last second, you change your mind and you went for coffee. But you are on an about to miss the bus and you gonna be late for work, so you were impatient and pushy in the coffee shop and you made the girl nervous and you were rough with the bus driver but you made it on time and you had your coffee and your day can start normally. But what left behind you – the girl in that coffee shop get nervous and clumsy and this was her first day alone at work. She dropped a few things, mess up a few orders, and in the end, she couldn’t perform at work and because of you and few other unhappy customers, she gets fired.

O, the bus driver – he went back home tired and a bit grumpy, definitely not in a mood. But at home there where people waiting for him with a surprise, because it was his birthday, which he couldn’t really enjoy. And from these, his loving ones got sad, because if he is not happy they are not happy. And on the next day the story continues because they all get up unhappy go to work and cause unconsciously the same for other people. And like this day in and day out.

How your smile can change a thing – easy. Your smile can make the worst day of someone much better even if it is a stranger passing on the opposite side of the street. And then he will pass it on, your smile can make someone believe there is still hope, there is still something to live for and the things can get better. Your simple smile can be the highlight of someone’s day. Being a good person and taking responsibility for your actions, realizing that you are part not only of your small circle but you are a part of the whole world make the whole difference. Admitting that what is going on around the planet is on you, is on us. Now you will say “How I am responsible for everything, how is this on me?”

Do you recycle or not, do you drive to work, do you drink your coffee in a plastic or in a paper cup, how much paper do you use, where do you throw your trash and so on. This is our choice, all these small irrelevant things make “the big” difference and they affect us. Everybody is denying the global warming and air pollution but they are really happening. And they are consequences of our actions and our choices, this the little everyday choices which I am talking about. The number of vehicles is rising, the same with the numbers of cut trees. Wildlife habitat has been disrupted, many spices are on the verge of extinction or had perished.

The environment is constantly being polluted and all this is on us and our decisions. How we live and what do we do every single day this is what makes the difference.

You can call it “chain reaction” or “domino effect” or “butterfly effect”, doesn`t matter how you going to name it is still there and it will continue – it is a never-ending story. It doesn’t have to be necessarily a bad mood passed by but unfortunately, lately I don`t see people really smiling, and I am not talking about fake smiles I am talking about real, pure smile.

Most of us we meet more than 100 people a day, and realizing or no they have meaning in our lives, every each smile, every touch by mistake or not is important, is generating some energy, emotion appears. Every word spoken to us by an acquaintance or not can hurt our feelings in seconds and sometimes this can break us or make us. Sometimes you can see something happening on the street which can change your way of thinking, the way how you see the world, it can change you for no time. And you don’t have to know the people or to have a direct contact with what is happening to reflect on you, but it does. Doesn’t matter if it is about your emotions, or about the environment which you live in. Your choices are leading to some actions which are leading to some consequences which affect not only your life but everyone’s lives and the same way around. It sounds very disturbing but we depend on other people’s decisions. Even you are trying always to make the right choices, doesn’t mean that the rest will do the same. But we hope they will follow the example. We hope they will open their eyes and see the bigger picture and understand that in the end, everything matters, every single thing in our day, every person we meet is important and they not only can, but they do reflect on us, on our decisions and our lives. The same way how we do on theirs. I think is time for all of us to admit and realize that we are all connected and we belong to each other, stop being so selfish and see what will be the outcome.

“Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And every crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” – Cloud Atlas

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