Did we lost the way!?

We are developing so fast, we have produced so much, and yet we are so poor! We have developed the technology, but not ourselves! Scientists and engineers give up their lives to create technologies that make our lives easier, but there is no life – just living.
Technology had to shorten the distance, to help us, save us time – time for friends, for our loved ones, time for us. How many people actualy take time for themselves, for their own improvement … !? How many of them do what they want and like?
And actually how much time we have … we are always in a hurry, we are always working and we are always tired.  We stopped feeling and dreaming…we satisfy ourselves with leftovers – emotional waste!
We have all become so “social”, and in fact we never have  been more lonely and miserable!
Fake smiles, faces covered with thousands of masks, profiles filled with happiness that never existed! Thirsty for attention, waiting for another Like! to prove how many people saw how happy we were! Without  voice, screaming “Please, someone to notice me!”


We fill our walls with photos… Photos of us well dressed or half naked, waiting for strangers to fill our missing self-confidence and make us believe how beautiful we are, to gain poise for a few minutes or until the next selfie!


The world is filled with beautiful faces, divine bodies with no content.


We turned a healthy lifestyle into a mania, into a fixed idea. Something that was useful has become a harm, we damage our bodies without realizing that there isno way to buy a new one!


Now we have cosmetics and pills that are available everywhere with higher amount of nutrients than the food we eat. We are agitating for everyone to follow our example, but we are not even honest  how we actually got here.

Walls full of wise thoughts and quotes, but in fact hints, because we have lost the quality of being honest with one another. We have lost the courage to tell the truth in the eyes! Buried under tons of articles and publications, but there is no communication because it is difficult to find someone to communicate with, to understand you. And again sharing things and waiting for someone to hit a Like!
We organize movements, pages, and more, that only have voice there, on the Web and nowhere else.The moment we hit the streets, we lose our courage! We see someone in need and pass by, because this is not our cause! I don’t know if there was a time when human values and life were cheaper than now!

With eyes wide closed for the people vested with power, faith and hope, clothes that we dressed them with, but happens not to be by their measure.They, the people who have to lead us and show us the path, the people who have to teach us right and wrong, are more rotten than us! But we know that, and we always did, but we still turn our heads when it doesn’t affect us personally. We are strong on words, but few are ready to take actions!


We own luxury cars, expensive clothes and accessories, big properties, but we don’t have homes, we let things enslave us!
We work in foreign countries, extra hours, no days off, no holidays, so we can afford Stuff! we don’t have time to use, give our families more Stuff!
The family that there is no time left for, which on birthdays and holidays is without us! We replaced parenting and caring with gifts and toys!
We sold both, ourselves and our time in return for attention, for caresses, for expensive gifts and vacations, for an easy life! We spend our only given life miserable and misunderstood, with the wrong people, fear staying alone. And we continue looking around for someone better, with infidelity filling in the gaps, albeit for a little while we satisfy the flesh and intoxicate our mind, but only until reality sober us!

Viewed from sides, stronger and stiffer than life, with built-in characters and principles, and from within, broken, children with numerous scars with which we cover our bodies!


And every day we lie to ourselves that life is like that and we cannot change it! We just exist. And we continue to measure our successes with material goods and money! We forgot to be with the humans – human, and that there are more important things in the world than money!


We became too selfish, self-centered and cold, we forgot to reach out and be patient, to value people next to us, to understand our differences and not to impose our opinion at all costs! We have allowed envy and greed to be the driving force behind our ambitions, but all we need is kindness and Love!

“You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure…In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way.”  Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator
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